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Azimi, Ehsan; Liu, Ruby; Molina, Camilo; Huang, Judy; Kazanzides, Peter

Interactive Navigation System in Mixed-Reality for Neurosurgery Inproceedings

IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), pp. 783-784, 2020.

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Azimi, Ehsan; Molina, Camilo; Chang, Alexander; Huang, Judy; Huang, Chien-Ming; Kazanzides, Peter

Interactive Training and Operation Ecosystem for Surgical Tasks in Mixed Reality Inproceedings

MICCAI Workshop on OR 2.0 Context-Aware Operating Theaters, pp. 20-29, 2018.

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Sadda, Praneeth ; Azimi, Ehsan ; Jallo, George ; Doswell, Jayfus ; Kazanzides, Peter

Surgical navigation with a head-mounted tracking system and display Inproceedings

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR), San Diego, CA, 2013.

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Azimi, Ehsan; Doswell, Jayfus; Kazanzides, Peter

Augmented reality goggles with an integrated tracking system for navigation in neurosurgery Inproceedings

IEEE Virtual Reality, pp. 123-124, Orange County, CA, 2012.

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