Principal Investigator

Picture Name Email Phone Number Office
Peter Kazanzides Peter Kazanzides [email protected] 410-516-5590 Hackerman Hall 120

Current Lab Members

Picture Name Email Status Phone Number Office
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Keshuai Xu [email protected] PhD Student   Hackerman Hall 136
Dayeon Kim   PhD Student   Hackerman Hall 136
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Nick Greene [email protected] PhD Student 631-371-6834 Hackerman Hall 136
JuanAntonio-Headshot Juan Antonio Barragan [email protected] PhD Student   Hackerman Hall 136
anonymous Hisashi Ishida [email protected] PhD Student   Hackerman Hall 136
Tatiana Kashtanova [email protected] PhD Student   CRB2, East campus
anonymous Jintan Zhang   PhD Student    
anonymous Noah Drakes   PhD Student    


Picture Name Email Position
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Will Pryor, PhD    
jieying-headshot Jie Ying Wu, PhD [email protected] Vanderbilt University
Andrew Hundt, PhD [email protected]  
Ehsan Azimi, PhD [email protected] JHU
longqian Long Qian, PhD [email protected] Medivis
nathanbongjooncho Nathan Cho, PhD [email protected] Elekta
Zihan Chen, PhD [email protected] Auris Health, Inc.
people-minyangjung Min Yang Jung, PhD [email protected] Intuitive Surgical
people-tutkun Hasan Sen, PhD [email protected] Verb Surgical
people-bmatinfar Babak Matinfar, PhD [email protected] Auris Health, Inc.
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Isha Kandaswamy, MS [email protected] Teradata
people-tian Tian Xia, PhD [email protected] nVidia

Past Lab Members

Picture Name Email Status Office
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Sungmin Kim [email protected] Assistant Professor, University of Ulsan Ulsan, South Korea
people-hlren Hongliang Ren [email protected] Associate Professor,
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Laboratory of Medical Mechatronics
t_small Tamas Haidegger [email protected] Associate Professor, Obuda University Budapest, Hungary
franwu2 Fran Wu [email protected] Microsoft Seattle
people-thienphrapa Paul Thienphrapa pault at Research Scientist,
Philips Research North America
Briarcliff Manor, NY

Visiting Students

Photo Name Email When Affiliation
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Kwang Young (Eddie) Lee [email protected] 01/2013 – 07/2013 POSTECH, Korea
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Youri Tan [email protected] Summer 2012, 2016 University of Edinburgh, Scotland
6dae484bjw9dzo7wv69p3j Changyu He [email protected] 9/2013 – 9/2014 Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Zerui Wang [email protected] 1/2016 – 4/2017 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
user_anonymous_yellow_disabled Wenlong Niu   9/2016 – 9/2017 Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chunting Jiao   9/2017 – 9/2018 Tsinghua University, China
Haoying(Jack) Zhou [email protected] 06/2023 – 06/2024 Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA