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Chen, Shuyang ; Gonenc, Berk ; Li, Meng ; Song, Danny Y; Burdette, Everette C; Iordachita, Iulian ; Kazanzides, Peter

Needle Release Mechanism Enabling Multiple Insertions with an Ultrasound-guided Prostate Brachytherapy Robot Inproceedings

Intl. Conf. of IEEE Engin. in Med. and Biol. Society (EMBC), pp. 4339-4342, Jeju Island, Korea, 2017.

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Song, D Y; Burdette, E C; Fiene, J; Armour, E; Kronreif, G; Deguet, A; Zhang, Z; Iordachita, I; Fichtinger, G; Kazanzides, P

Robotic needle guide for prostate brachytherapy: Clinical testing of feasibility and performance Journal Article

Brachytherapy, 10 (1), pp. 57-63, 2011.

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Fichtinger, G; Fiene, J P; Kennedy, C W; Kronreif, G; Iordachita, I; Song, D Y; Burdette, E C; Kazanzides, P

Robotic Assistance for Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Brachytherapy Journal Article

Medical Image Analysis, 12 (5), pp. 535-545, 2008.

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Fichtinger, Gabor ; Fiene, Jonathan ; Kennedy, Chris ; Kronreif, Gernot ; Iordachita, Iulian ; Song, Danny Y; Burdette, Everette C; Kazanzides, Peter

Robotic Assistance for Ultrasound Guided Prostate Brachytherapy Inproceedings

Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), pp. 119-127, Brisbane, Australia, 2007.

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